For a limited time we are offering the CD Sleepy Ted Comes Back To This World by ZOOM and The Self Titled CD Settly at a "Fans Set the Price" Price.
Yes. Your read it right. What ever you feel like paying for any one of these CD we will ship it to you at that price.
There is one catch. We have to cover our shipping cost which is set at $1.80
All you have to do is hit the Donate button below and Name Your Price.
But remember. We have to take care of our shipping so please  donate at least $1.80
Once you have donated just tell us which one you want in the comment section of Paypal and we will send it to you.
Why are we doing it? Well...Why not?
We know the Music Business has changed and we know that there are a variety of ways to get your music these days.
But we still feel the CD offers the Best Sound Quality as opposed to MP3's and want you to experience the music as it was meant to be.
So here is your chance to do just that for practically nothing.
Please remember to donate at least $1.80. We have no control over the paypal donation page so we can't set the minimum.
So any donations less than $1.80 will not be excepted.

ZOOM - Sleepy Ted CD or Settly; Settly CD pay what you like




Welcome to
Home of music by Settly, Multiple Places, Settly & The Disappointments, ZOOM as well as the More Recording record label.
We are currently taking Orders for the ZOOM limited edition vinyl 7 inch 45 of the
Small Faces cover "Lazy Sunday" B/W "Sleepy Ted's Overture. Pressed on blue vinyl.
To get yours please hit the Buy Now button below.
Hurry there is only 300 copies available. Also comes with a download code for mp3 versions

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ZOOM - Lazy Sunday 7 inch blue vinyl 45



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